Five take-out tips to inspire, entertain and connect with social media


  1. Join it up! Social media strategies are part of the overall marketing strategy, not standalone. People share and talk when they have been hit through several different channels around a central message.
  2. Content needs to have a regular drum beat, but be prepared to surprise and excite, just like any other form of media that has an editor at the helm.
  3. Experiment and learn with a range or images, videos and status updates and don’t worry if everything’s not working – because it won’t.
  4. Every post reveals a lifestyle interest (I love/hate/think…) or intent (I want/need/miss…). Understanding the micro –conversation reveals new influencers or customers in waiting.
  5. Get geeky on the data. Interactions, re-tweets and click throughs to learn what works best. Brands need to listen as much as they talk!