Improve Your Writing Online With These Proofreading Tools 

imageSo, these are the five tools which will help you get your article error free. You will be happy to know that all these tools are initially free to use and using them will hopefully leave your article without any mistakes. So read about them and decide which tools meet your requirements the most.

1. Grammarly – I am personally using Grammarly and it is the best tool for checking English grammar, proofreading and plagiarism checking. It corrects over 250 different punctuation and vocabulary.

2. PolishMyWriting – The very fist tool which comes to mind is PolishMyWriting. You can find all the errors in your article with the help of this tool very easily. Copy the article which you have written, and which you want to proofread and paste it in the PolishMyWriting website.

3. Ginger – You will see many of the same features as polishmywriting in Ginger. However Ginger does provide more advanced features. Ginger points out all of your mistakes including; a, an, have, the in a more comprehensive review. If you write a lot of articles each day, you can also use the add on tool for the various web browsers provided. 

4. Slick Write – If you are producing professional articles, then you may need to use Slick Write. All your errors are recovered with the help of Slick Write but this tool also analyzes your writing and will give you suggestions so that your writing skills can be improved.

5. PaperRater- Apart from checking your errors and recovering them, your title of the article will also be analyzed and suggestions will be given to you by PaperRater. Your article will be analyzed with the help of this tool and you will be given a final score on the basis of your writing skills.