This blog is about making marketing easier to understand, no big words, no detailed illustrations, no gobbledygook! Weekly posts should provide less formal advice and guidance that allow everyone to gain an insight into marketing.

Andrew Thelwell has spent the best part of 13 years working his way through a number of marketing roles gaining experience and insights into marketing. He has worked within the engineering, leisure and hospitality and education sectors, where he has led and managed strategic and operational marketing for education and commercial services.

He has delivered a range of marketing activities utilising market research, planning, coordination and analysis. Andrew created and implemented a sustainability strategy within marketing and contributed to the development of the ISO14001 quality standard.

In recent times Andrew has worked as a marketing executive at Keele University and Ellesmere College with responsibility for the sole management of a wide variety of strategic and integrated marketing, PR and support activities.

Andrew views and insights have been featured in numerous publications which include the Education Marketing Magazine, Independent Schools Magazine and the Chartered Institute of Marketing publications. He has also presented at sector events and training conferences. His current role combines a number of specialisms from direct marketing, branding, and internal communications across education and commercial services. He creates student driven campaigns and improves the effectiveness of PPC, SEO, digital marketing and website development.


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