Five Rules of Social Media Management

download1)      Establish A Policy and Governance Guidelines – Brands need to offer staff clear rules on how, why and when to engage the public through social media.

2)      Social Media is a Customer Care Tool – Sorting out customer problems through social media gives brands permission to deepen their relationships with customers while introducing a sales element. Once a brand shows customers that it can respond to their experiences, this opens up the opportunity for further engagement through social media.

3)      Spread Social Media Throughout The Organisation – While management of social media often starts off in the marketing department, brands are showing a growing tendency to place it under corporate communications and treat it as a reputation tool.

4)      It’s Not All About Facebook and Twitter – Facebook is far becoming more of a traditional paid-for media channel than a social-media platform for brands. It’s important to make the most of emerging social-media platforms. Tumblr, which appeals to a young demographic, has around 4 million registered users in the UK, while the female-orientated Pinterest has 2.7 million. This compares with Facebook’s 29 million users and Twitters 8 million.

5)      Move Social Media Management In-House – There is a trend for brands to move social media-based customer care and direct customer interactions away from out-sourced specialist agencies and into in-house teams. With the right infrastructure, education and governance in place, employees are better placed to respond directly to the needs of customers at scale and at speed.


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