Do you need to write a blog? Here are some effective ways to promote it!

downloadSo you have done your research, written your article and optimised the content ready to publish. So how do you promote your blog post?

1) Ping it – Pinging notifies a number of services that your blog has been updated with new content, and these services can begin crawling and indexing your site for increased visibility. It’s so simple to use, just enter your blog URL into a box and click Ping!

2) Post it! – to the following social bookmarking services. These are free to use and provide a great platform to save, organise, and remember links to content that people find interesting on the web. Always remember to target your content to your target market and choose the most appropriate platforms.

3) Share it! – If you want to successfully grow your blog then you need to share your content on a number of social networks.

  • Facebook – Share your posts in relevant groups and ask for comments and feedback. Interaction is important especially within your business community.
  • LinkedIn – Share as an update on your profile and in relevant industry groups where followers may find the subject useful and may wish to interact with your blog post.
  • Twitter – Schedule a tweet of your post twice a day for 7 days, but remember to change the title each day!

4) Picture it! – Build a library of really interesting and distinctive images that illustrate your blog post content and use Pinterest or Instagram to share your expertise.

5) Email it! – Promote your blog by continuously building an email list of blog subscribers. This is not only a great way to market your own products and services, but it also allows you to build your brand and promote specific offers.

6) Guest Blogging and Comments – Promote your blog by subscribing to and regularly visiting other blogs within your niche. Actively participating in each blog community and adding valuable comments will help to raise your profile and offer their readers an opportunity to subscribe to your blog.


Using Hashtags Can Be a Great Way to Extend Your Reach!

HashtagIf you’ve used Twitter for more than a couple of hours, you’ve probably already seen a tweet containing a word with the symbol (“#”) attached to it. That’s what users call a “hashtag” and at any given time at least one of them can usually be found among the trending topics on Twitter. The Trends lists are designed to help people discover the ‘most breaking’ news from across the world, in real-time.

Hashtags are essentially a simple way to catalog and connect tweets about a specific topic. They make it easier for users to find additional tweets on a particular subject, while filtering out the incidental tweets that may just contain the same keyword. Because hashtags tend to spread so quickly and because users often search hashtags for content from people they aren’t following, using hashtags can be a great way to extend your reach on Twitter (and other social networks) whilst connecting you with your current audience in a more meaningful way.

Use Hashtags In Your PostsIf you want your posts to come up in searches, include hashtags in them so they are easy to find! Before blasting to the masses, always do your research. Only include hashtags in your posts that are relevant to your target audience and the industry you are in. Review certain hashtags before posting them to determine if there is already an extensive range of existing conversations using it. If your hashtag seems a bit overdone, modify your post slightly to generate a better response from your specific customer base.

Search For Industry TopicsIf you want to know what your target audience is talking about, you can search Twitter for the hashtag of your choice. This provides you with the opportunity to jump in on conversations, answer questions and generally provide valuable information.

Create Your Own HashtagsBrands both large and small choose to create their own hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to generate a buzz around a marketing campaign. Domino’s Pizza encouraged followers to tweet with #letsdolunch, once the number of tweets reached 85,000, Domino’s dropped prices by more than half during the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. that day.

The LinkedIn Factor – Tips to Get You Networking

How-to-Go-About-Networking-On-Linked-InStudies show that 80% of all new business comes from networking, not to mention career opportunities, so use your time wisely. These top 10 tips will help you on your way to becoming a highly successful networker, whilst having a great time.

1. Prepare – Make sure you arrive at the event feeling calm and friendly, so know where you are going and for what time, with plenty of business cards.

2. Make the First Move – Take responsibility and don’t come away from an event feeling you have missed an opportunity because no-one talked to you.

3. Start with Small Talk – Calm your nerves by making small talk with someone equally alone about something general: the venue, the parking, the weather or the refreshments.

4. Be Interested – Find out about the person you are talking to by asking questions, so that you can build a picture of them and in return they will be more receptive in hearing about you.

5. Concentrate on Giving – Look for ways you can help others; advice, referrals, even friendship instead of focusing on selling to them as this will naturally follow.

6. Keep your Mind Open – Resist the urge to dismiss a contact if they don’t seem to fit your needs because you never know when you might need them in the future.

7. Always Follow up – If you’ve promised somebody information, an introduction or a phone number, make sure you keep your word or you risk damaging your reputation.

8. Build Relationships – Be consistent and regularly attend events so that you become known and build trust with fellow attendees.

9. Have Fun and Relax – Events are social occasions, so treat them as such.

10. Enjoy the Event – If you enjoyed the event then tell your friends and colleagues, bring them along next time and help them network too!