3 Simple Steps to Effective Social Media

images v3Relevance – Given the casual atmosphere, it’s easy to post everything and anything. As a business or organisation participating in social media, you want to stay relevant to your business.  This does not mean you need to write only about your business or organisation but the key is to not litter your wall, tweets, or status updates with just sales pitches. Post about happenings in the greater community from industry lead articles to staff winning awards and remember to use related #hashtags for subjects. A nice balance of professional photos, videos and news stories will create your part in a social media conversation that will help to increase your exposure.

Engagement – People gather on sites like Facebook and Twitter because of their common interests or because they want to be in the know. It’s not formal communication like a press release, messages are shorter and in many cases more fun. If you really want to add value to your social media, you need to engage with people. Listening is the key to being effective. You need to listen to what people are saying to you and about you. When appropriate be sure to respond. Show your followers that you know your business and industry by posting links to related articles, notes about other complementary businesses, and by interacting with others on the networks in which you participate.

Remember…be activeHow often to post in social media? Too little and followers may not notice, too often and they may get annoyed. When posting something to Twitter for example you may want to post the same information more than once in a given day. Twitter feeds are fast-moving, so if a customer doesn’t see your original tweet, they may miss out. But remember to change the wording each time to freshen up the content! For Facebook, a single link to a blog post is enough. The same goes for LinkedIn updates. Generally, you can post multiple updates to Twitter, one or two to Facebook, and one to LinkedIn over the course of a given day without the risk of annoying the followers on each site. Just keep in mind: If you’re updating Twitter quite a bit, you may inundate your followers on the other networks with all your tweets.


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