Todays PR is More Than Just a Press Release

downloaTo manage your company’s PR effectively you need to identify, manage and guide all communications, especially communication over the internet and through social media. Guiding communication requires a deeper understanding of not only how technology works, but also how it facilitates better interactions.

Website Analytics & Measurements

One of the easiest tools to monitor on-line activity is Google Analytics, where you can establish a simple report system of your website user statistics and social media interactions. Once you have established these individual reports you can monitor traffic from social networks, social visits and quality from mobile and the most socially shared content. There are several website statistics that PR professionals should review, which include:

  • Number of visitors and page views
  • Referring keywords
  • Recent visitors locations
  • Inbound link monitoring
  • Bounce rate

One of the most interesting features is Real Time Analytics, which tells you if your site is doing better or worse at any given time. Some of the most useful analytics include how many of your active visitors have actually been to your site before and how long they stay and whether its every second or for the last hour. You should also concentrate on how many people go to certain pages of your site, revealing the most popular areas. When you see that some pages are more popular than others you can evaluate and adjust the content on the less visited pages.

Upload & Mange Your Content

As a PR professional you need to generate and manage your own content from blogs to photos and videos. You also need to understand how a CMS system works whether it’s through web professionals, IT or Strategic Internet Marketing companies, to coordinate how information is shared though social, blogs and the on-line web community. Unlike communication vehicles of the past, individuals are now actively searching out information through search engines, in which press releases, articles and blog posts can appear. Additionally, RSS feeds, other Web sites and blogs regularly pick up articles of interest and link to them or re-purpose them, resulting in even greater exposure. Today’s public relations activities are no longer just a way to generate a short mention in the local daily or to promote an upcoming event. By taking advantage of on-line services and tactics, you’ll discover an affordable (and often-times free) and effective way to educate your prospective customer base about your business.


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