An expert uses testimonials and endorsements

Testimonials are great! Every website, every brochure, every communication with the outside world can benefit from a sprinkling of testimonials. Organisations can benefit from them as they seem to be unbiased and independent opinions. The reader often identifies with the person, so its important to make them look as real as possible by having names, towns, and job titles included and remember to get permission to use this information first!  People love a story; they can relate to it and it gets to them subliminally – it reaches parts that other marketing tactics cannot reach. Translate your case studies and testimonials to form a story. These can be used on the website and brochures to explain the value that your service can add to the customer.

Tip! Capture your testimonials as video’s and simply post them onto your YouTube channel and on your own website. They are a great way of communicating your message and are so much more convincing.