Pinterest: What and When to Pin

The majority of Pinterest users are female, however not all of them are! So don’t neglect Pinterest simply because you target a mainly male audience. In general, Pinterest users like anything that is aesthetically pleasing or which instructs them on how to do something.

Here are some ideas for great things to pin:

  • Visually stunning imagery, or images of unique-looking products that you sell
  • Instructographics – a vertical step-by-step, pictorial guide to do something. Use large ‘how to’ title at the top to attract interest, and make at least 500px wide and 2500 to 5000px tall, as the height means users won’t be able to see the entire thing and are more likely to click-through to your site to view the full image
  • Videos – Pinterest isn’t just about images, so pin any interesting videos you have too, whether they’re informative or simply cool to watch! Avoid self videos however, just as you would avoid pinning a banner advertisement image.

IMPORTANT! According to the Pinterest responsible for what you share on the site, so it is important that you only share content that you have the rights to. When in doubt, only share your own work. Remember that timing is important too – pins are to be ordered most recent first, so you want to be pinning early in the morning (before people go to work) and near the end of the working day (when they come home and go on the Internet).