Four easy ways to make your website ‘SOCIALLY’ work for you

1. Your marketing team maintains a content calendar to keep track of promotions, campaigns, and important announcements throughout the year. Share trending topics of interest, so the brand is offering more than just promotional messaging. You post frequently and engage often, keeping the conversation going between fans and your brand.

2. Your web pages include text, lists, images, videos, and other media of interest, which inspire sharing behaviour.

3. Your website is optimised for sharing with social media networks. It includes outbound links on each page to your social media channels to make finding your social pages easier for site visitors. Your site’s pages intuitively include buttons for Facebook Likes, Google +1, Tweets and Sharing so that site visitors can easily spread your content. AddThis is an easy way to set this up.

4. Your brand is interesting people, joining groups, and creating a community of individuals with similar interests. Regularly participate in online discussions on LinkedIn, forums adding links and resources for reference. Make sure your company follows like-minded businesses and top professionals in your industry for updates and conversation opportunities!