Guide to Business Success on Facebook – How to get started!

Step 1 – Connect with people

Start by considering who are the essential connections for your business. Who are your advocates? Set goals for who you would like to connect to your business. If you don’t have a Page already, create your Page at, fill out as much information as possible and add photos.

  • Make your first Post! Create a schedule to track what and when you will Post and try and Post at least twice per week.
  • Invite your employees, friends, and customers to like your Page.
  • Get a personalised link for your Page by visiting (You’ll need at least 25 fans).
  • Put your Facebook Page’s personalised link in all of your marketing materials (business cards, receipts, e-mails, chalk boards, signs) and promote it to customers who come to your store/website.

Step 2. Reach out to people

  • Keep engaging your fans once or twice per week. Post pictures and videos. Ask questions. Respond to customer questions and feedback.
  • Experiment with offering promotions or discounts available only to your fans.
  • Create a Page Post Ad targeting your current fans so you can increase your reach with your existing fans by 3-5 times. Choose the most recent post or a specific post that you want to highlight.
  • Create a Facebook Ad for your Page. Experiment with different targeting options including location, interests, broad categories and demographics.
  • If people regularly check-in to your business on Facebook, create a Check-in Sponsored Story.

Step 3. Monitor the return

  • Review Page Insight data by clicking “Insights” on the left hand column of your Page. See how many people are talking about your business on Facebook, what type of content is most engaging, and the demographics and location of your fans.
  • Review Ads Manager regularly at Run advertising reports to determine which Ads are working in terms of type, creative, copy, and targeting. Using the Responder Demographics report, identify which demographic profiles are responding best to your Ads.
  • Make sure you have different campaigns for different regions and products.
  • Refresh the images for Ads that are working well to help maintain their performance. Shift budget to Ads and campaigns that are performing well. Launch new tests.
  • Put a Facebook Like button on your website to connect with more fans for your Page. Find out more about these light Facebook integrations at

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