Infographics – communicate your data with pictures!

Infographics are appearing all over the internet, displaying all sorts of information. They are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly. When you think infographics, think visual communication. Therefore, if you want to convey information that contains numbers, dates, locations, measurements or comparisons, you could probably move away from putting it in writing and format it as an infographic instead.

While this form of visual communication existed before the Internet, they are back by popular demand due to the massive amounts of data circling the web and the sharable nature of social media. Infographics have an internal and external appeal. Externally, they take data and information and put it into a format that’s snackable and easy to digest. They also bring value to consumers that are sharable. Internally, they have linking capabilities for search engine optimisation and traffic generation.

Turn your Linkedin profile into an infographic by using


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