Transform your 2012 marketing plan into an engaging experience

Going beyond written communication allows your customers to foster a meaningful connection with you. Through, analytics, social, mobile and video, you can transform your 2012 marketing plan into an engaging experience for your customers and a profitable experience for yourself.

Video can truly bring your brand to life.

Forward-thinking companies are utilising video to better position themselves and give customers yet another reason to plug into their brand. Over 40% of consumers watch videos weekly. In addition, videos can significantly improve your SEO results based on Google’s new system. Overall, creating a unique presence through video that increases interaction and drives more conversions. Videos can:

  • Show off your company’s personality and brand identity.
  • Educate your customers on their purchase.
  • Build trust through product videos

Integrate mobile into your strategies.

Mobile presents marketers with a chance to cut through the clutter of other channels and communicate with consumers in a seemingly one-to-one communication. Adding mobile marketing to your mix allows you to develop a multichannel strategy to create long-term customer relationships and increase both retention and sales. Mobile is an untapped opportunity for many to easily capture email opt-ins, offer coupons and utilise QR codes.

Get Social – it’s not about the “hard sell” but a forum to build a brand’s personality.

Your social arm will enable you to monitor customer feedback in real-time as well as forge even stronger relationships with your customers. Through social media, you can easily move a customer into the loyalty stage and continue to consistently engage them in your brand. The goal shouldn’t be solely focused on growing your fans or followers; it should be a balance of growth, relevant engagement and quality interaction. Remember, you want to create advocates, not passive fans.

Invest In Analytics

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) gives insight on which strategies may need improvement or require further investment. You can use analytics as a way of uncovering what drives a customer to take or not to take action. Reporting, analysing and acting in real-time are the keys to propelling sales and seeing an uplift in revenue.

  • Before you begin throwing numbers around, first plan what you want to measure, how often and through what method.
  • When combining social, email and mobile, focus on metrics such as conversions, referrals, time spent and associated revenue to get an accurate measurement
  • Look for subscriber interaction through behavioural targeting. Click-through analysis allows you to build relevant segments based on what content your customers are looking for.

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