Switch on and tune into Youtube

YouTube has great potential for sharing the culture of your organisation. To make your content appeal to your target audience, you may have to change the way you think about online video. While online video provides unlimited potential for creativity, there are a few principles you should follow for every video you produce.

Prospective customers have come to YouTube, not to find a marketing director’s view of your organisation, but to discover what you’re really like. Start building genuine videos by using the old storytelling principle of showing, not telling. Instead of filling your channel with videos of interviews upload footage of your organisation in action and empower people to capture real-life. As you start to give up control of the message, you’ll find the videos you produce will become more fun and informative.

Remember to have a purpose!

Do you know why you’re posting videos to YouTube in the first place? Is it because everyone else is doing it? Did you read a book or blog that told you to? You should have a specific purpose and audience in mind for every video you produce. Just because it’s easy to open up a flip camera and start recording doesn’t mean you should post everything you film to YouTube. Once you capture video, it’s important to publish as soon as possible. Since the content is going to YouTube, it is perfectly acceptable to have footage that isn’t completely polished. Cut the footage down to a bite-sized portion and work to have something uploaded to YouTube regularly.

If you’re focused on goals, you should already know what you want your audience to do once they watch your video. Whether you want viewers to visit your YouTube channel, sign up for an event or request information, let them know through the description below the video and an explanation at the end of it. Also, make sure videos have a home on your website.  If you’re posting everything exclusively to YouTube, you’re missing a huge audience. Look for ways to embed YouTube videos on your site in places like:

  • News stories
  • Virtual tours
  • Department pages
  • Dedicated video portals

Don’t forget to search engine optimise! Add your organisations name to every title,
description and tag list to make sure it shows up in YouTube searches.


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