Being “Liked” online really matters

Google & Bing search used to be relatively simple, the more people who link to content, the further it will be pushed towards the top of search results. With the rise in social media however people are discovering content not via internet search but through
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Search engines are now evolving to catch up. If you do not yet have a social media strategy, start building followings on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and ensure that every page of content can be “Liked” to a person’s social media circle with a Facebook & Twitter share button and Google’s +1 logo. Keep an eye on search results to see if Google’s +1 logo is starting to appear on your links. If not, step up social media to encourage more sharing and “Liking” of content.

Building relationships in social media requires resources, both time and bodies. You need to have a dedicated person or team that fields the responsibility of communicating on a one on one level with your audience. Social media requires trust! that means, be real – be who you are and let employees be who they are, representatives of your brand.

Whether it’s through newsletters, blogs or even forum posts get out there and communicate! By communicating “early” you have the opportunity to head off those “storms” that can arise, but not only that, you can also get a jump-start on topics that are hot in your industry and respond to them a lot earlier than your competition. Don’t just post links to your blog posts, or press releases on Twitter. Get involved with your community. If people are looking for assistance, point them in the right direction, even if it’s not to your site, that’ll gain you much more respect.

Social media offers a unique opportunity for you to get real reactions, learn about real issues or problems as well as successes straight from your customers’ perspectives. It’s amazing the things you can learn just by listening to what your customers or your audience is saying.


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