In the most basic sense, SEO is about content

Great content improves your site’s ability to rank well (i.e. GET more quality visitors) and more effectively engage potential customers.

Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of your SEO efforts:

  • Know your target market. Think of the many ways potential clients may be searching for your products or services.
  • Focus on website design. Make sure your website has clear Calls to Action and navigation that will encourage visitors to explore, learn and connect with your business.
  • Be realistic about keywords. You may want to rank for a keyword phrase, but your website may not be ready to dominate the major search engines for that term or phrase. You can improve your ranking with search engines if you have a keyword in your domain.
  • Write content lots of content. Extra pages can support your most
    important keywords and inspire many other search terms as you develop your website.
  • Favor text headers. (like the headlines on your Web pages). The right combination of keywords in a page header can help with rankings.
  • Add your blog as a directory. A blog can support keyword themes and build up your core content. A blog also opens up new opportunities for inbound links. Your blog should be on your domain, and not a disconnected entity.
  • Write compelling Meta descriptions. (these are brief and concise summary of your page’s content) Meta descriptions have lost their influence on rankings, but they still appear within search engine ranking results. Make sure yours include Calls to Action, company attributes and keywords that echo the keywords used to find your website.
  • Get more links. Add your website to free and paid directories. Write articles and add your company name and link, when possible, to your bio. Issue news releases about the expertise you showcase on your website.
  • Monitor your website analytics (Google is free). Ongoing traffic analysis is a critical part of any SEO effort. You need to understand what keywords are driving traffic and converting that traffic into leads or new customers.
  • Watch your rankings. Sometimes a keyword ranks well on more than one page. Pay close attention so you can determine what page is best positioned to help you achieve higher rankings.

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